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Classical & Flamenco Guitar Lessons



Class Curriculum

Flamenco Guitar: Materials needed ... a flamenco guitar, foot stool, blank cassette tape and metronome. As there is no written music per se, the student will learn appropriate exercises and to read advanced tablature during the first month orientation. Students will learn absolutely correct techniques for authentic flamenco such as Apoyando and Tirando stroke, Arpeggio, (all) Tremolo, Alza Pua & Rasqueado techniques. The repertoire shall include such traditional forms as Farruca, Zambra, Soleares, Algeria, Tientos, Fandango, Tangos, Sequiriya, Garrotin, Buleria and Rumba.

Students will be explained the styles and techniques of such serious Spanish guitarists as Ramon Montoya, Nino Ricardo, Sabicas, Mario Escudero, Paco Peña and other such notables of both past and present from a technical as well as compositional point of view. All solos will be individually created and no two will be alike.

Classical Guitar: Materials needed ... classical guitar, foot stool, music stand, metronome, Aaron Shearer Book I for Classic Guitar Technique. Orientation shall include warm-ups and exercises, and the teaching of absolutely correct techniques such as rest and free strokes, Arpeggio, (all) Tremolo, and Rasqueado techniques. After completion of the above method the continuing course of study will include works by know European composers such as Milan, Sanz, de Visee, Sor, Aguado, Giuliani, Carulli and Carcassi. Later study shall include more modern composers such as Tarrega, Albéniz, and Moreno-Torroba.


The school provides free assistance in the purchase of a new guitar from anyone or anywhere for the registered student. Students requiring this service should make an appointment in advance.